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I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Physiotherapy had been an interest of mine for many years beginning when I had a knee injury as a teenager. I found that it very fascinating that changes in my body's mechanics and movement patterns could result in pain. I also found the rehabilitation process interesting; that making changes in posture, movement and specific strengthening could positively influence my body's ability to move pain free.


Since I graduated from Physiotherapy I have worked in a private practice setting treating musculoskeletal pain and injuries. I began in Edmonton, then worked 6 months in Australia and have now been back in my home town of Vernon since 2007. I took many courses and completely my Advanced Manual Therapy Certification in 2012, followed by my Gunn-IMS certification in 2014. Both of these certifications added to my skill set in treating a variety of conditions. I also did some education in regards to the treatment of Vertigo in 2013.


After the birth of my first child I began an interest in Women's Health physiotherapy and with the birth of my second child I delved more into this area with specific training. I have always enjoyed treating musculoskeletal injuries but I have seen the need for Women's Pelvic Health physiotherapy and have been finding that area both interesting and rewarding.


My most recent venture is now joining The Health Nest as a Physiotherapist working with both Musculoskeletal injuries and Women's Pelvic Health. I look forward to seeing you at our clinic!

Sharina Zantingh

Call: 250-307-6670


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